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Your Chance to Win (Democracyforamerica)

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Roku 3 review: our favorite media streamer, and the simplest to use, too

Roku’s media streamers have carved out a notable niche for themselves, with what started out as a Netflix box, but quickly grew to include hundreds of other entertainment options. Whatever they’ve lacked in style, they’ve always made up for with an easy-to-navigate menu and remote, not to mention low [...]

Gene therapies for regenerative surgery are getting closer

May 29, 2013 ? Experimental genetic techniques may one day provide plastic and reconstructive surgeons with an invaluable tool — the ability to promote growth of the patient’s own tissues for reconstructive surgery. A review of recent progress toward developing effective gene therapies for use in “regenerative surgery” appears in the June issue of Plastic [...]

Ratko Mladic Taken To Hospital :: Balkan Insight

According to the Hague Tribunal, ICTY, spokesperson Nerma Jelacic, Mladic was taken to hospital as a precaution.

The presiding judge Alphons Orie decided to suspend the main hearing after Mladic?s defence claimed that their client was feeling unwell and that he could not continue to participate in the hearing.

Mladic?s health has been an issue [...]

The shutdown showdown: What changed in Washington, what didn’t (Washington Post)

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Reserve Your Booth NOW for SOLAR 2013 | American Solar Energy …

Solar gets down to business at SOLAR 2013

Reach renewable energy pros, as well as professionals with energy responsibility at commercial businesses, institutions, and government agencies.

Reserve your booth now to access thousands of pros from throughout the Northeast.

If you are interested in exhibiting, please?View Exhibit Floor Plan.?

WREF 2012 Exhibition Hall

Why Exhibit at SOLAR 2013?

Meet your buyers, face to face:

  • Demonstrate and sell your new products and services
  • Increase brand awareness and mindshare
  • Connect with distributors
  • Find new business opportunities
  • Network with customers and peers

Exhibit Pricing

Add premiums for the following:

  • Corner, $300
  • Endcap, $500
  • Islands, additional $4 per square foot

For details on exhibiting or sponsoring, contact:

Eastern U.S.
Bonnie D. Hunt

Western U.S.
Rob Simonelli

Source: http://ases.org/2012/10/reserve-your-booth-now-for-solar-2013/

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