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Trying to find a Legitimate Home Based Business Opportunity? | My …

If you are looking for a home based business opportunity and legitimate ways to make money online, it is best to decide on a market which you are thinking about for the belief that you are much more likely to stick with it and get the opportunity up and running.Whatever your interests are [...]

Perfume shows us the fusion of digital art and entertainment in …

Perfume has just concluded its Cannes Lions special appearance with a mindblowing performance which utilizes cutting-edge visual effects by Daito Manabe (rhizomatiks) incorporated into a new ?Spending all my time? mix by Yasutaka Nakata along with a new choreography by MIKIKO made especially for the mix.

Perfume was introduced after DENTSU?s talk on HAPPY [...]

Magpies make decisions faster when humans look at them

June 7, 2013 ? Researchers from the Seoul National University found that wild birds appear to “think faster” when humans, and possibly predators in general, are directly looking at them.

“We started this study from our experience” says Dr. Sang-im Lee, the leader of magpie research team and the first author of the paper. “For [...]

Readers Respond to “Toxins All Around Us” and Other Articles

October 2011 Image: Scientific American

CHEMISTRY COMMENTARY In reading ?Toxins All around Us,? by Patricia Hunt [Forum], and the text pertaining to how the environment influences our genes in ?10 Unsolved Mysteries,? by Philip Ball, I wonder about the following: If toxins in the environment are affecting our bodies [...]

Maybe supervolcano not to blame for our near-extinction

NASA / GSFC / MITI / ERSDAC / JAROS, and the U.S./Japan ASTER Science Team

About 70,000 years ago, the Toba supervolcano erupted in what is now Indonesia. After the eruption, the ground collapsed and left behind a depression called a caldera, which is not filled by Lake Toba and volcanic domes [...]

Reserve Your Booth NOW for SOLAR 2013 | American Solar Energy …

Solar gets down to business at SOLAR 2013

Reach renewable energy pros, as well as professionals with energy responsibility at commercial businesses, institutions, and government agencies.

Reserve your booth now to access thousands of pros from throughout the Northeast.

If you are interested in exhibiting, please?View Exhibit Floor Plan.?

WREF 2012 Exhibition Hall

Why Exhibit at SOLAR 2013?

Meet your buyers, face to face:

  • Demonstrate and sell your new products and services
  • Increase brand awareness and mindshare
  • Connect with distributors
  • Find new business opportunities
  • Network with customers and peers

Exhibit Pricing

Add premiums for the following:

  • Corner, $300
  • Endcap, $500
  • Islands, additional $4 per square foot

For details on exhibiting or sponsoring, contact:

Eastern U.S.
Bonnie D. Hunt

Western U.S.
Rob Simonelli

Source: http://ases.org/2012/10/reserve-your-booth-now-for-solar-2013/

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